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Signs of Fluoride Deficiency 

Fluoride is really important for your health, and you need it to keep your teeth strong and healthy. But, what happens if you don’t get enough? Fluoride deficiency occurs, and that’s not fun.

What Fluoride Is 

Fluoride is ionized types of fluorine, and it’s in a lot of different foods, the water, and the soil that’s there. When your enamel starts to lose the minerals that are there, fluoride kicks in, demineralizing this, and also boosting bone health.

Your saliva works to transport these fluorides back to the enamel that’s there. When you deal with demineralization, tooth decay and other kinds of issues can be a major problem over time. Fluoride is also something that will help with avoiding the expensive issues that are there. 

Tooth decay happens when you have fluoride deficiency.  When low fluoride happens, it can sometimes cause biofilm and plaque to happen, and that can create cavities, tooth issues, and it can also cause them to fall out too. 

Sources of Fluoride 

Fluoride is available in our water and is actually a public health action that’s really important. In fact, the ADA also supports the fluoridation of the different water sources, and there is proven research that shows that the water is effective and safe with this too.  They do recommend that they put .7 ppm in the water, and the fluoride translates to a ton of preservation for the decay that’s there. 

You can also contact the municipality in order to see what your water says, and if it needs to be tested, you can have them do so.

Another source is in your toothpaste, and from there, you can brush the teeth that’s there with toothpaste and fluoride, and also topical gels and also a mouthwash that includes this.

When you’re using a toothbrush for this, have a toothbrush that’s soft bristled in order to help keep everything safe from the abrasion that’s there.  Harder bristles are going to hurt the teeth as time goes on. Fluoride also comes in the form of rinses for kids, and it can help children early on especially if they need help to prevent tooth decay. 

You should make sure that if you’re going to use this, you should only use a small amount, and don’t use anything more than about a grain or so of rice for them. 

Finally, you’d have office treatments that you can get in.  You can go to the dentist, and they can give you different fluoride treatments straight from the dentist. 

You can get it in the form of foam that’s applied, or rinses and varnishes. 

Finally, if you don’t feel like trying to do this at home, you can get treatments at home.  Those who have dry mouths and likes may also use this too.  

You can also get it from water that’s naturally fortified with this, and this is something that some people like to use, because of the convenience of this. 

If you’re still really unable to get enough fluoride, you should get supplements. They can be available with a prescription.  You should also look at other medical treatments.

Fluoride is great for you to use, and you should be able to, with this, create the healthiest teeth that you can.  Fluoride is great for preventing tooth decay and you can definitely improve your life and also improve your oral health, and the ADA recommends that you do this, especially if you’re worried about this.

Make sure to improve your fluoride, and also make sure that you’re able to keep up with this as you can.