Can acupuncture work for TMJ 

If you’re someone who experiences jaw pain, you might’ve looked into ways to treat it. Some people say acupuncture, but that’s also a skeptical thing for many. And that’s not surprising. Many people are looking for new ways to treat pain, and the one thing most people don’t think of immediately is a bunch of needles being shoved into your body. But if you have facial pain this can be something that may help with it. How tough? Let’s find out. 

What Acupuncture Is 

Acupuncture is something that offers relief for a lot of different ailments. Pain in your mouth, discomfort from a dental procedure, and the like are all things that acupuncture could help with. A professional who is licensed in this basically puts needles at different points where the body is. This stimulates the nerves in the body that’s there. they usually put these in very specific pressure points to treat the problem. 

The same goes for TMJ, especially if you get help for it. Now, if you do get this, the complications are few and far between.  You can pretty much have an acupuncturist look to give you the correct amount of sessions and the right needles to help with the job. 

Using Acupuncture to Help with This 

TMJ, is a condition that causes pain with the way the jaw connects. It can spread to other parts of the face too, including your neck and shoulders, and also can impact the connective tissue that goes over the muscles. This has been used for thousands of years for different conditions, the recent popularity of TMJ treatments being used with this in mind definitely are worth looking at. 

The Acupoints 

Your face has different pressure points, called acupoints. Basically, these are areas around the nerves and skin, which have a lot of nerves there. when you press against them, it can actually impact the feelings of this, and offer tons of relief for a lot of people. 

Some of the areas are: 

  • The earlobe 
  • Head 
  • Foot 
  • Above where the hyoid bone is on the neck 

Basically, the acupuncturist will insert needles at these points, and they will directly help with  TMJ stimulation, making things all the more better for you. 

Other Treatments 

There are other treatments that TMD can be done with.  Some of them include pain relievers, and mouthguards so that you don’t grind your teeth. Some may get prescription medicines, along with physical therapy to help with managing this. Some however, may want to look at different options, especially if you want to get a more natural sort of treatment for the pain. 

If you’re curious about this type of treatment, you’re not alone. You can contact your doctor or dentist, and they will help with ensuring that you get the correct treatment plans. 

The coordination that you use between TMD and TMJ, along with the symptoms of relief that come with this, can be the correct treatment for you. 

The first step in this is basically asking your doctor about this as well, as they can help you determine if this is right for you. Traditional Chinese medicine may be something novel for you, but for many people, this is something that can massively help with the future and the feelings that they deal with when they are getting treatment for this. 

Having a more open, meaningful dialogue with your dentist and doctor about this can help to open up the possibility of other treatments, which in turn might help you with the TMJ that you have.